W. P. “DOC” Holiday formed Leading Special Projects in 1994 after retiring from
more than 25 years of leading and managing Information Systems, other business
organizations, and many large and complex projects at Procter & Gamble, US Shoe,
Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Omnicare, Pomeroy, IBM, Origin, ARC, and other

The value Leading Special Projects adds is the ability to bring the people in your
organization(s) who have the knowledge of how things work, together in a cohesive

We help determine where you are, where you want to be, and help you make the
journey in-between. This coupled with our knowledge of Information Systems  
provides you with a balanced assessment of your needs.

We provide a single point of contact for you and your organization allowing a smooth
and orderly transition through what could be a period of chaotic change.
About Us
Before retirement,
actually I loved my jobs.
It's just a lousy picture
After retirement, I still love
to "Do good work".